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BMW X1 (2017)


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As a Friendly reminder, to hire this vehicle you must:

  • Use your own driving license, which also must be valid.
  • Pay with a credit card that is your name. Prepaid cards or payment in cash are not accepted.
  • To be able to hire this vehicle, you need to be at least 18 years old and have valid driving license.
  • Use the vehicle for private purpose only. Commercial or professional uses are prohibited.

Rental Price

7,500 /Day

Car Year


Vehicle Type




Mileage (KM)

0 - 15,000

Total Seats

5 Seats

Car Description

*** Save fuel over 23 kilometers per liter *** - Latest look, Full option, TOP, the only one on the web - STOP / START button - XENON white light - TRIM whole wood - The latest TOP gear knob - X stamping on the head cushion - Automatic electric seats can be adjusted in 13 directions - Full safety system in the TOP version - Using V-kool VK30 film TOP for the whole car. - The storage is very big. Can fit 2 large suitcases + 2 small pieces *** Limit 300 kilometers per day Over this, charge an additional 30 baht per kilometer ***

Mileage Limit

Per Day

300 KM.

Per Week

2,100 KM.

Per Month

9,000 KM.

Features / Options

Cruise Control

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Car Address

ตำบล ท่าตำหนัก นครปฐม ประเทศไทย

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