10 of the Most Unusual Car Parks in Thailand

10 of the Most Unusual Car Parks in Thailand

Thailand is a tourist’s delight, with its gorgeous destinations and rich culture, aided by tourist-friendly policies. Hence, there are several car parks here. While some of these car parks are quite exquisite in their designs. Below is a list of the ten most unusual car parks in Thailand.

Plaza Athénée Bangkok

The Plaza Athenee houses a huge car park, which is relatively easy to get into and has sufficient space for cars. Although it seems pretty normal inside the car park, the Plaza Athenee car park is unusual as car owners have to make six sharp 90 degree turns in the space of about 30 meters before reaching the pay booth on their way out.

Pantip Plaza

The Pantip Plaza car park, which occupies an old building, is an unusual modern-day car park. It has narrow, tight curves, which can be very difficult to negotiate as car owners must be careful not to hit the wall. A close observation will reveal black marks on walls to show that some drivers misjudged the turns in the past.

Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn

Each floor at the Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn car park is divided into halves, with one half for 10 cars and the other for five cars. At the entrance of the car park, there is a big sign in Thai and English that states: “Please turn on your headlights while driving in the car park.”

Sathorn City Tower

At the Sathorn City Tower car park, drivers have to drive through a narrow, spiraling corridor from the street level to the 4th floor to get to the first parking floor. This abnormality would result in a long vertical pile if a car experienced a mechanical problem and got stuck.


The CentralWorld car park is an underground car park. Although it can contain many cars at the same time, it is a bit confusing. The car park has many entrances without adequate signals, so car owners find it difficult to locate their cars.

Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon car park is unusual in the sense that parking spaces are reserved for the rich and famous on its G floor. Expensive cars like Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Bentley are driven in and out of the car park daily. Recently, the floor was altered to accommodate even more cars.  

The Mall, Ngam Wong Wan in Nonthaburi

This car park has an unusual sloppy entrance, which makes it possible for a car to roll backward and hit the car behind it.

Pullman Bangkok Hotel G

The Pullman Bangkok Hotel G is a nice tower but its car park isn’t. At the entrance, there’s a large notice board with nine regulations written in Thai and English. Then you encounter another sign saying: “Please turn on your headlights.” This means that it is quite dark inside.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

The Mandarin Oriental car park has the narrowest parking spaces in town. When two SUVs are parked side by side, both drivers might find it difficult to get out of their cars.

Crowne Plaza Hotel

It is possible to miss the entrance to this car park behind the Crowne Plaza hotel because it is poorly marked. There is just a small sign with the letter “P”, which is barely noticeable as a result of a large sign at the end of the alleyway pointing the way “Out.” The car park also has very sharp curves that some drivers find difficult to navigate.

Thailand is a famous tourist destination and this explains why most of the car parks on this list occupy hotel buildings or plazas.