Safe, Clean Car Sharing during COVID-19

Travel during the covid-19 pandemic is a challenge that numerous people face every day. Car sharing is one of the safest ways of traveling. Car sharing during COVID-19 offers a way to keep distance while staying on the move.

Here, at GoDrive.Asia our #1 priority has always been the safety of our drivers as well as car owners. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we are extra cautious when it comes to the cleanliness and sanitation of our cars. Here are some guidelines to keep drivers and car owners safe and protected:

Instructions for Drivers

Keep in mind that car sharing can be a very safe way of travel if you follow the general Covid-19 guidelines:

1. Limit the Number of People in the Car

First of all, avoid car sharing with anyone from another household and limit the number of people in the car to as few as possible.

2. Keep the Distance

Taxi drivers in Thailand are some of the most overworked but underpaid workers in Thailand. Many times when you hail a taxi, the driver is tired, exhausted, and not on top of their senses. Sometimes they will drive recklessly so they can get you to your destination quickly and then go get another fare. When self-driving you are more in control of how you drive.

3. Clean the Common Touch Areas

In order to make car sharing during COVID-19 safer, our car owners are asked to deliver the car clean and sanitized, but you can never be too careful. It’s always better to clean the common touchpoints:

  • Car key
  • Door handles (In and out)
  • Glove box handles
  • Seat belt
  • Seat adjustment handles
  • Steering wheel and gearstick
  • Mirrors and the radio knobs

To clean these surface areas, you can use sanitizer or wet wipes. Also, do not forget to wash your hands and practice good hygiene during your trip. If you can not wash your hands, use a hand sanitizer.

4. If you test positive

Please, let us know if you test positive or develop symptoms for COVID-19 when using or during 3 days of using the car. We will thoroughly disinfect the car and quarantine it for 72 hours.

Instructions for Car Owners

Car sharing is a great way to earn money and we want our car owners to have the safest experience of car sharing during COVID-19. Here are some instructions to keep you safe:

1. Clean your car

The key to safe and secure care sharing is a clean car. So, before the bookings make sure your car is clean. To clean your car use disinfectant. To protect yourself use gloves and a mask. Pay extra attention to common touch surfaces and disinfect them thoroughly.

Keep in mind that inaccessible parts of your car need to be cleaned as well. Vacuum the carpets and the seats to remove dust.

2. Protect Yourself

While cleaning the car make sure that you are protected. Wear gloves and a high-quality mask. Keep sanitizer in your car. After you get your car back, wash it completely and clean the inside area.

3. Keep the Distance

Once you meet the driver keep the distance. In order to keep protected, you can hand over the keys as well as check the driver’s documents in a socially distanced manner. You can ask the driver to leave the documents somewhere and move away before you check the validity. Also, in order to protect yourself, leave the key near the car and step away, so the driver can safely collect the keys and travel.

4. If your car has been in contact with a virus

If you know that your car was used by an infected person, make sure you quarantine your car for 72 hours. After the quarantine, clean and disinfect the car completely.

If you follow these rules, car-sharing during COVID-19 will be a safe and joyful experience. You can safely find a car of your choice, rent it and then travel all around Thailand. To prepare for your trip, here are 10 things to know about renting a car in Thailand.