Thailand Vacation - Self Drive or Take a Taxi?

Thailand Vacation - Self Drive or Take a Taxi?

You are taking your first trip to Thailand and want to do some sightseeing or just want to get around Thailand. Do you go by taxi or do you self-drive?

In this article, you will be able to read why it is best to do self-driving instead of taking a taxi.

Why use self-driving and not a taxi?


If you want to spend time with family and friends on your vacation in Thailand, it can be very irritating to have an unknown stranger listening in to your private conversation. They may put themselves into your conversation and laughing at your jokes, smirking at your dilemmas, or offering unwanted advice to problems you may be talking about. And if you are a couple and you want to hold hands or share a kiss, that can go out the window if you are using a taxi because some people do not like to show affection around others.


Taxi drivers in Thailand are some of the most overworked but underpaid workers in Thailand. Many times when you hail a taxi, the driver is tired, exhausted, and not on top of their senses. Sometimes they will drive recklessly so they can get you to your destination quickly and then go get another fare. When self-driving you are more in control of how you drive.


When you are using self-driving you have the freedom to be your boss. You can stop if something catches your fancy even if it is not on your agenda. With a taxi, you will be taken to where you ask them to and they do not stop when you see something. You can also leave whatever time you want, you can also leave early and do not have to call for a taxi and wait for them to arrive. There is no hurry when you drive and you do not have to worry about a running meter. If you are driving and get in a traffic jam and are stopped for traffic for an x-amount of time, you do not have to worry about a running meter and paying for sitting in traffic.

Cost Benefits:

This is another major point in favor of self-driving. Many tourists feel that it is more costly to self-drive but that is not true. For example, if you self-drive a car for an entire day or 240 km, it will cost about Rs 2300, and the cheapest taxi for the same time and distance would be about Rs 3000. Also, many times when you hire a taxi, they will take you on the longest route to get to your destination to get a higher fare but if you self-drive, you can program your destination on the GPS and get there the fastest way.

Availability of a taxi:

In Thailand, there are a limited number of hours that you can get a reliable safe dedicated taxi driver. After those hours, there is no guarantee what type of taxi driver you will get. Many times, a taxi driver will not work for the same passenger for more than three hours and after that time, you would be instructed to change taxis and may even suggest their friend’s taxi.

Peak Hours:

When self-driving, the charges are fixed, no matter if it is peak or rush hours so this makes them easier on the wallet. With taxis, there is no set fare and during peak or rush hours it can be more expensive.

As you can tell, it is cheaper to self-drive when on vacation in Thailand. You can also choose the times you want to go to places, how long you want to stay there, etc. If you choose self-driving you know that you have to be 18 to drive but 21 at least to rent a car. You will also have to have a valid driver’s license for a minimum of a year. You also have to keep your passport with you at all times. When self-driving in Thailand, you need to remember that the driver seat is on the right side and you drive on the left side of the road. Make sure that if you choose self-driving, familiarize yourself with the rules of the road before you arrive in Thailand.